Senior Year

Finally back to writing my PMHS BLOG. I have pretty much recovered from my spine surgery. It does not hurt now to bend my head to write.

What are your best memories of your PMHS Senior Year? So many things to choose from: Homecoming? Prom? Spring Break? Mini Olympics? Graduation? What else? Because I taught seniors the three things I always enjoyed were the Prom, Mini Olympics, and Graduation. I liked to see the creativity and originality of the Mini Olympics Costumes. It was fun to be a part of the field events. I loved going to the Prom to see everyone so dressed up. Now how about you???


Back with all of you. My recovery from spine surgery has limited my writing ability but I feel strong enough now to write a new entry.

One of the tires of passage for graduating from PMHS was the Mock Congress Project in U.S. Government. Most graduates do not know that this project was actually started at Southport High School in the 1960’s by Evelina Brown. When she was transferred to PMHS in 1974 she brought the project with her.

What are your memories of Mock Congress? Do you remember the topic/issue was for your bill and speech? Did your bill get passed? How about any spirited debate on some bill or issue? Did you hold an office during Mock Congress?

I remember students who would say very little in class but some topic would come up in debate and they really got emotional and animated in their debate on it. I remember some beautiful Mock Congress Journals that were done by the clerks. I remember Nancy Peckinpaugh (1978) writing such s great bill that for years and years we used it as a model for students to use for writing their own bills.

Share your memories from Mock Congress!!!

The Blizzard of 1978

Okay everyone I want to get your memories and stories of the Blizzard of 1978. 40 years ago this month!! I remember cancelling intramural basketball on the night before it started. It was not a popular decision. Guys wee mad that I cancelled but if I had not done that I might have been stranded at PMHS for days along with all those guys. I guess they could have played basketball for a few days…

I was sharing an apartment with another guy in those days on the Indy Westside. I got my first experience with panic buying as people were going crazy taking things off the shelves. Every man for himself. I had to walk to the grocery so I only bought what I could carry.

I will always remember seeing Mayor Hudnut on television wearing his Indianapolis Racers hat!!

Now it is your turn. Share your memories. Share your stories.

Bradford Woods Experience

The Bradford Woods Experience is an important part of the PMHS History. This activity consisted of parents, teachers, students, and administrators who went to Bradford Woods for team building and communications improvement. I believe it started in the mid 1980’s and lasted until the early 1990’s. Reba Wooden was one of the main leaders for many years. People from different races and ages stayed at Bradford Woods for a few days to engage in the above mentioned activities. Reba has graciously donated memorabilia from those years. I want to hear from you!! If you went to Bradford Woods what are your memories? Do you remember the activities you participated in? Friendships you made? Join the conversation!!


I want to hear your stories and memories from your PMHS prom or if you are a retired PMHS teacher you can tell us about your own prom.

My memories start with all the sites of the Prom during my years at PMHS:

Front Foyer. Valle Vista. Columbia Club. Indianapolis Athletic Club. Crystal Yacht Club. Convention Center. Primos. The Murat Center. If I missed one let me know.

Although I was assigned to work the prom I liked being at it. I loved seeing everyone dressed up and generally on their best behavior. My wife and I would go together and enjoying the prom. For many years my wife and I would count the king and queen ballots so we were the first to know who would be king and queen. One year my wife caught a girl smoking in the restroom but we didn’t turn her in. One year the police were waiting for a guy to leave the prom. There was a warrant out for his arrest and they had been tipped off that he would be at the prom. As soon as he left the building he was arrested and put in the police car and taken to jail while wearing his tux!!! Another time a guy got mad at his date and punched a hole in the wall where the prom was located.

Share your stories. Share your memories. Who did you go with to the prom? Where was the prom held? Did you go to an after prom? Join the conversation!!!


One of the continuing traditions since the second year of PMHS is the Senior Mini-Olympics. It is a tradition unique to PMHS. We are so fortunate that the original copy of the rules from 1975 were saved by Sherry Bilbrey Turk!!! She donated them to our rooms and are now available for display and reading. The other members of the group that crested the rules were Bob Willsey and Tammy Smith Baase. What are your favorite memories from your Mini-Olympics? Do you remember your team mates? Remember your costumes? One of my favorite comes from the first year when Doug Hurt and Debbie Willsey were tied together at the backs. They had to race down the old cinder track. Debbie slipped and fell face first on the track because she could not use her hands to break her fall. I will never forget her bloody face after she got up from the track. She recovered okay but that was the last year for that event!! Share your memories. It will be great to read them. Just keep them clean…

PMHS Teachers

I am inviting both PMHS and SHS Grads to share their stories and memories of a true Southside legend: Richard Brunoehler. He was a colorful character who achieved professional success at both PMHS and SHS. As a young teacher it was a great to have an older friend like Dick Brunoehler. He was the same age as my mother but he never seemed that old to me. I loved seeing him do his clown dives.

Share your stories and memories!!

1976 Boys Basketball Tournament Run

I have always felt that the 1976 Boys Basketball Tournament Run was the seminal event to put PMHS on the map. Prior to this PMHS was relatively unknown even in the Indy area. The publicity and coverage we got from going to the final game of the semi state made us known to many people. Also, keep in mind that back in 1976 Boys High School Basketball was still the king of the Indiana sports scene. No Colts then. The Pacers were at the end of their good times. IU would have their perfect season but it had not happened yet. High school football was just starting to have playoffs and only four teams for the whole team qualified for the state. What are your memories you would like to share about this time in PMHS early History? There have to be lots of memories to share on this!!!

PMHS: The First Year

Everyone: This is my attempt at blogging. This blog will be dedicated to sharing memories from Perry Meridian High School History.

My promise to all of you:

No profanity from me.

No political rants or discussions.

No selling of products or services.

I will expect the same from all of you.

Our first topic: PMHS: The first year: 1973-1974

What was it like for you go to PMHS vs. going to Southport? Were you happy, sad, or didn’t care about going to PMHS rather than SHS?Do you remember when and how you would be going to PMHS rather than SHS? What was the biggest surprise for you that first year at PMHS? Biggest disappointment? Let all of us know.

I started at PMHS in 1974-1975 which was the second year of the school. PMHS seemed overwhelming at first. My high school was about 700 in size. PMHS was about 2500 that year. It was very different to see girls’ sports. My high school had none. It also strange to see gymnastics teams, swimming teams, and wrestling teams. My high school just started wrestling my senior year. A great thing for me was the youth of the teaching staff back then. Many of us were 35 and under!! Many of the teachers transferred from SHS were young teachers and almost all of the new teachers that were hired were brand new teachers like me.

Now let’s hear from you!!!!